How to Install Youtube Revanced

How To Install Youtube Revanced

YouTube is the world's biggest video entertainment platform in the digital world with billions of users and millions of videos. Billions of people each day head to this platform to enjoy video entertainment. Users can install the YouTube app from PlayStore, Apple's official app store, or can go with the web version of YouTube. Despite the versatile availability of this platform, still, 100s of MOD apps have been developed for it. Among these MOD versions, Revanced is the most loved and most advanced mod version. However, due to the MOD nature of this Revanced version, it's not available on the Play Store or any app store. Moreover, the MOD versions of the app are only for Android users and do not support any other operating system. YouTube Vanced version is only available on this website for free download. Let’s discuss the download and installation steps to get this Revanced version for your Android. 

Steps for Download & Installation

Here we will enlist all the mandatory steps for the download and installation process to set up this MOD version app on an Android.

Allow Permissions

This file is being installed from a third-party source and Android devices have a play protect feature. Play Protect feature only allows direct installation from verified platforms like Play Store. Hence, you have to allow installation permission to grab this Unknown source app. For this purpose, go to the settings menu and navigate to the Security section in the settings menu. Here you will find the “Unknown Source Installation” toggle. Switch it on to allow the permission required for installation. 

Download ReVanced APK

Once you have permitted the installation permissions, the next step is to download the APK file. To download the APK file, visit the homepage of this website to grab this APK file. Go to the homepage, tap the Download button, and get the latest version APK file. 

Install the App

After downloading the APK file, the next step is to install the app. For installation, open the APK file you just grabbed from the homepage of this website. Look for the install button given in this APK file and tap on it to install the YouTube Revanced app. Wait for the installation process to complete and launch the Revanced app. You can log in to the Vanced version using your Google Account as you do for the YouTube official app. After logging in, start enjoying an ad-free experience and unlimited downloads with this Revanced app. 

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